UX Design Intern at EZLynx in Lewisville, Texas.

In this position, I was one of the first two UX Designers ever hired by the company. As the research specialist, I led usability testing, persona building and design-thinking workshops to create a more usable product while introducing user-centered methodologies to the company as a whole. This will feature my work on Applicant Overview, the homepage for the flagship product produced by EZLynx.

The Product

EZLynx is a web application built for independent Insurance agents. Applicant Overview is the first thing they see when they look up an applicant, so I interviewed insurance agents to find out more about what they need when a potential client walks in the door.

Current Implementation

Stakeholder interviews

After my first stakeholder interview for Applicant Overview, I found out:

  • Features aren't valuable for the space they consume.

  • Widgets were initially meant to evolve but were neglected.

  • Actions widget and many other parts of the interface were not used often based on available data from Google Analytics. I used this information to distill the interface down in my redesign and to inform my usability study tasks.

User interviews

After interviewing target users, we found three themes to design for:

  • Agents need to work fast. Speed is crucial when looking up an applicant.

  • Stress is a huge factor.

  • Agents need to see the big picture.

Usability Testing (Current UI)

I distilled the interface down to the 10 most important tasks and began usability testing with five participants who matched our user base (from Google Analytics data).

Only 46% of the tasks could be completed.

I dissected the data to find the issues in the interface. This informed my redesign.


Focusing on usability principles, the tasks from the usability study, and the user's goals mentioned above (speed, stress and big picture), I began sketching out a simplified, scannable page with a consistent, predictable UI.


By focusing on usability, our users were able to complete 100% of the tasks.