UX Designer at Carnegie Technologies in Austin, Texas.

In this position, I was the lead UX Designer on the SatBridge Smart Terminal product while also participating in research and prototyping for two other projects: Network Convergence Platform, and Longview IoT. My UX/UI design work on SatBridge is featured below.

The Product

The SatBridge Smart Terminal is a satellite internet hotspot designed for camping, marine or remote work. The SatBridge app that accompanies the unit operates all features of the unit from connecting to the satellite itself to sending an SOS to authorities.

My Contributions

When I began work on the project there was a lack of consistency in the UI elements and a lack of clarity when it came to understanding the connection state of the satellite.

Two ways we addressed these issues:

  • Create a design system to address consistency.

  • Introduce a dashboard to address connection status.

Check out the design system here:Design System

Final Hi-Fi Prototype


After testing a similar product called Sat-Fi 2 by GlobalStar, I quickly realized the most important piece of information to the user is the status of the connection. It was difficult for me to determine whether I was connected or not. At the time when the user logged in, they are placed in one of five tabs.

Our current SatBridge software implementation had very similar issues.

Sat-Fi 2

Current Implementation

Draw your attention to the red arrow and circle at the top. The satellite icon was the only visual indicator of connection status.

The navigation tab bar (red arrow at the bottom) did not help because when you opened the app you arrived at contacts. Our users want to know their connection status, not see who their contacts are in an initial connection scenario.

Older prototype

Dashboard Ideation

Our goal was to bring a contextual home page that can communicate events and statuses that aren't currently being communicated clearly. The dashboard could also help the user with firmware upgrades, battery life alerts, first time activation, connecting to other nearby SB units, Connection issues, and connection speeds.

We began with three scenarios: Connected, Never Connected and Not Connected.


Never Connected

Not Connected


The SatBridge dashboard always appears when you login so you always know your connection status.

Fun stuff, eh?

Check out my redesign at EZLynx.

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